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How Often Should I Change My House Locks? September 6, 2018

Fairfield, Butler
How Often Should I Change My House Locks?, Fairfield, Ohio

For many people, their locks are their only home security system. It’s important to recognize when they need to be changed; otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for a break-in—even by someone you know. The team at Central Safe & Lock in Fairfield, OH, advise that there are a few obvious times that your locks need to be changed. Sticking to these rules will ensure your home remains safe.

When to Change Your Locks

Lost Keys

If you’ve lost your keys, you never know who will pick them up. There’s a chance they were stolen as well. While finding your home may not be easy, you can’t be confident a burglar won’t eventually figure it out. A locksmith can do a complete change throughout your home, and you should look at it as a good time to upgrade.

Changes in Relationships

locksWhether it’s a divorce or fallout with a neighbor or emergency contact, you should replace the locks if any of these people have a key. While it’s unlikely they’ll break in, you need total assurance that the potential isn’t there. They may also lose the key accidentally, so opt for new locks.

General Wear

If your locks are dinged up and aged, have them replaced. Older locks are easier to pick and break, and busted ones can be easy to jar out of place. There is a wide selection of state-of-the-art locks to replace them with, and a locksmith can help you make the best decision.

The team at Central Safe & Lock knows how important your home is, which is why they offer comprehensive locksmith services. With more than 20 years of experience, they know the ins and outs of creating a secure home and will work with you to get the best results. They can also assist if you’re locked out of the car or house, and are happy to provide emergency service as needed. Call (513) 887-1870 today to speak with a locksmith and visit them online to learn more about their services.

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