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The Law Office of Gerald M. Wirsch: Offering Experience And Integrity June 9, 2015

East Hamilton, Hamilton
The Law Office of Gerald M. Wirsch: Offering Experience And Integrity , Hamilton, Ohio

In some people’s minds, the words “lawyer” and “integrity” don’t necessarily always fit together. When a professional is truly ethical and dedicated to justice, however, the terms do go hand in hand. Fortunately, there are stellar attorneys out there, and you can find them at the Law Office of Gerald M. Wirsch.

At the Wirsch firm, the client always comes first. Whether you’re looking for a divorce attorney, a family lawyer, a criminal justice advocate, or an adoption attorney, the Wirsch lawyers will make sure you get representation that’s as compassionate and personalized as it is expert and thorough.

Gerald Wirsch’s dedication to helping people started when he began working for a small law firm whose cases inspired him to open his own practice. As a staunch advocate for veterans, he serves part-time as a lawyer for Hamilton Municipal Court's Veterans Court. He’s also worked with the Butler County Public Defender’s Office for years. He’s committed to bettering the lives of young people, and he’s handled many juvenile abuse and neglect cases. Moreover, as a personal injury expert, he’s helped many clients recoup medical expense related losses and get their lives back on track. 


While integrity is the guiding force in Wirsch’s practice, experience is the formula for success that this firm brings to the table. Every case is given top priority, whether it’s a small claims issue or a more serious matter. Every client gets individualized counsel, including an individualized plan and strategy. In a unique variation on the traditional lawyer-client relationship, attorney and client work together to formulate an argument. The end result is the kind of impeccably designed, airtight presentation that inspires successful verdicts and changes lives for the better.

To find out more or to request a consultation, contact The Law Office of Gerald M. Wirsch at (513) 858-9281. Complicated legal situations require expert representation. Fortunately, that representation is only a phone call away.