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3 Essential Truck Parts That Make Up Your Brake System September 20, 2018

Henrietta, Monroe
3 Essential Truck Parts That Make Up Your Brake System, Henrietta, New York

When large trucks need to stop, they rely on the heavy-duty truck parts that make up their brake systems. As with all brake systems, the components will eventually need to be maintained. To better understand what to expect from routine maintenance appointments, it helps to know which parts make up the braking system. Here are the key components of both disc and drum brake systems.

3 Truck Parts That Make Up the Brake System

1. Brake Drum

The drum is the part of the system that actively slows a truck’s momentum. It consists of a large metal cylinder. Inside the drum, rollers triggered by the brake pedal push against the walls of the drum. This pressure then helps slow the rotation of the truck’s wheels. Drums are ideal for truckers looking for a low-maintenance and clean brake system for their rigs.

2. Brake Pedal

Truck PartsWhen pressed in drum brake systems, the pedal releases pressurized air, which goes straight to the truck’s brake chamber. The air then triggers the slack adjuster in the brake line. Once triggered, the slack adjuster allows the rollers inside the drum to press against the walls, slowing the speed. For disc brakes, the pedal sends a signal to an electric system that triggers the brake pads against the brake rotor.

3. Brake Rotor

The rotor is the main component of disc brakes. The metal disc sits along the wheel and maintains a speed proportionate to the truck’s momentum. When the brake pedal is pressed and the pads clamp down on the rotor, it slows down and eventually stops even heavy commercial trucks. These systems are easy to maintain, but as the brake pads wear down, the rotor will be exposed to more heat, dirt, and friction, increasing the likelihood of repairs. Disc brakes are ideal for truckers looking for an easy-to-inspect system that’s both practical and affordable to repair on long hauls.


Need quality truck parts to keep your fleet up and running? Contact Regional International Truck & Trailer. Their dedicated team has helped business owners and independent drivers alike keep their rigs on the road all across New York State. Whether you’re looking to replace or upgrade your truck’s brake system or simply want to schedule a truck service appointment for regular maintenance, they’re ready to help. Learn more about their current parts specials online and call (800) 836-0409 for more information.

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