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The Differences Between Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss September 4, 2018

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The Differences Between Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss, Rochester, New York

When people experience hair loss, it is commonly a result of physical trauma, medication, hormonal changes, or some other reason. A derivative of the hormone testosterone — known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT — can impact the growth of hair in men and women. When these levels rise, individuals will notice thinning or reduced growth. However, different patterns will typically occur for males and females.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is typically preceded with a receding hairline, which occurs as hair growth at the temples and around the crown decreases. At the beginning stages, hair forms the shape of an M, with hair thinning and loss present in these areas. Additionally, hair may become finer and shorter at the top of the head, eventually forming a bald spot. As this bald patch grows, it meets the receding hairline to form a U-shaped pattern of hair. This pattern indicates that follicles at the temples and crown are typically affected by DHT, while those at the sides and in the back are rarely impacted by the hormone.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

hair lossHair loss in females, however, typically occurs with the diffused thinning of hair over the crown of the head. Rather than experiencing one area of marked baldness, most females will notice gradual thinning of the hair everywhere. Thinning begins at the midline part in the center of the scalp, leaving more hair at the sides and front of the head. If left untreated, though, the thinning may spread to the sides, temples, and above the ears. It is relatively uncommon for females to experience complete baldness as in males.


While most men and women may follow these specific hair loss patterns, it is possible for men to develop female pattern baldness and for women to experience the male pattern. If you notice such patterns, discuss your treatment options with the hair restoration experts at New U. Based in Rochester, NY, these professionals offer laser hair therapy treatments and other options to help you restore your hair in as little as 30 days. To schedule a consultation, call them today at (585) 272-7320, or follow them on Twitter for news and updates.
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