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Home Improvement Projects: Get Inspired With The Latest Kitchen Trends June 17, 2015

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Home Improvement Projects: Get Inspired With The Latest Kitchen Trends, Anchorage, Alaska

There are a lot of houses available for sale on the real estate market that look like great buys…until it comes to the kitchen! However, an outdated, obsolete or old-hat kitchen isn’t just a flaw in houses that are for sale; they can also be an eyesore in a current abode. The good news is that a kitchen remodel design doesn’t have to be a huge, exhausting home improvement project. Many of the new trends in kitchen design are actually more on the minimal side. The home remodeling contractors at  K&B Designs—located in Anchorage—lend their expertise to explain this seasons’ newest kitchen remodeling design trends:


  • Open Shelving: Not just for display purposes any more, open shelving is now being used as a storage solution as well. Another current trend? Minimal cabinetry to keep storage and storage needs simpler.
  • Statement Ceilings: There is more focus being put on creative ceilings using tin ceiling tiles, lighting, bulkheads, or coffers.
  • Statement Wallpaper: An easy way to add a visual punch, wallpaper can be added to complement or contrast with the color palette of the room, or added in textures (another trend!).
  • Textured Materials: From natural materials like stone and granite in raw finishes appearing on countertops to wood in natural forms, all manner of organic looks are on the rise.
  • Color Trends: The hottest shades at the moment are a classic black (often used sparingly or complemented with a lighter tone) and metallic tones like coppers and bronzes.

If you're not sure what to implement in your kitchen remodeling project, speak to the team at K&B Designs. For more information on the kitchen remodel designs and home improvement project ideas in the Anchorage area, call  K&B Designs at (907) 274-2265

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