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4 Steps Involved in Inground Pool Installations September 4, 2018

Troy, Lincoln
4 Steps Involved in Inground Pool Installations , Troy, Missouri

An inground pool is a highly coveted backyard addition in hot climates. With support from a qualified contractor, you can transform your landscape into a relaxing oasis within just one week. If you want to schedule a pool installation soon, here’s what you can expect.

What to Expect During Your Upcoming Pool Installation

1. Survey

Before the design process can commence, a professional pool company will survey your property to ensure it meets local safety laws and regulations. The team will also secure the proper permits so your yard can safely undergo the installation process. To meet construction guidelines, the pool will have to be set 6 feet from property lines, and it can’t be installed over any utility easements.

2. Design

pool installationNext, you will work closely with your contractor to plan the functional and aesthetic details of your pool. You will need to determine the size, placement, and type of material of the pool such as concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. You can also specify exciting additions like waterfalls, hot tubs, water slides, and fountains.

3. Dig

After you agree to the design plan, the pool contractors will need to excavate the area. They will haul out plenty of dirt from your property, so they may need to take down your fence temporarily, unless you have a large gate. This process may take several days.

4. Install

After excavating the pool area, builders may install a gravel drainage bed. Then, they will install the plumbing components followed by a steel shell. Next, they will spread gunnite or graphex polymer over the area, which are materials that make up the fundamental pool structure. Finally, they will grade the pool, install the tile, build the deck, and implement any additional features before cleaning up. Finally, you can enjoy your new pool.


For the high-quality support you need for your upcoming pool installation, contact Troy, Missouri’s experts. The Pool Guys has offered the specialized pool design, installation, and maintenance services locals have relied on for over 30 years. To learn more about inground and above-ground pool services, visit the website or call today at (636) 462-7665.

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