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3 Tips for Effective Plastic Injection Molding September 24, 2018

La Presa, San Diego
3 Tips for Effective Plastic Injection Molding, San Diego, California

Plastic injection molding allows manufacturers to produce bulk parts for industries including life sciences, medical devices, and diagnostics. Using modern technology and techniques, these producers work hard to keep costs down while creating high-quality goods. Here’s how best to design the molds to that end.

Plastic Injection Molding Essentials

1. Use Thinner Wall Sizes to Avoid Shrinking

A product may warp due to shrinkage while it cools. The issue can ruin a piece, wasting finances and requiring an item redesign, which delays production schedules. To avoid the problem, ensure the size of the walls are thinner and uniform, rather than varying in thickness. Thin walls allow the item to cool more easily.

2. Opt for Curves Rather Than Corners

plastic injection moldingSharp angles on a product create a stress point that may buckle with enough applied pressure. Instead, design a product with gentler curves and smooth surfaces. Doing so reduces the risks of warping, damage to the product during use, and inordinate wear.

3. Keep Designs Simple

As with many types of production, simpler designs are often better. The more complex a piece is, the more opportunities there are for something to go wrong. During the planning stage, edit as many unnecessary features and facets as possible, while still ensuring the time will perform its function effectively.


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