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3 Compelling Benefits of Placing Mums Around Your Home September 14, 2018

Byron, Monroe
3 Compelling Benefits of Placing Mums Around Your Home, Byron, Wisconsin

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are the unofficial flower of fall. As soon as September hits, the plants begin lining the tables of country stores across the nation. While mums are aesthetically pleasing, they also offer many benefits. Before you stock up on your favorite autumn flower, take a closer look at how they can benefit you.

3 Benefits of Keeping Mums Around the House

1. Clean Air

Plants are Mother Nature's natural air purifiers. According to NASA's famous Clean Air Study, plants help remove airborne pollutants that make their way indoors. Along with reducing toxins, the plants also help reduce respiratory issues. In fact, indoor plants reduce dust by up to 20%, which is a common trigger for asthma sufferers. Simply buying a few potted mums from your local country store is enough to achieve easy breathing at home.

2. Reduced Stress

country storeThe hustle and bustle of the modern world make it incredibly challenging to avoid stress, but foliage can help. While it's not completely understood, greenery has been shown to provide improved physical and psychological benefits. In one study, interacting with plants resulted in lower blood pressure and improved mood. For increased relaxation, choose a calming color, like purple. Luckily, country markets carry mums in nearly every color of the rainbow.

3. Brain Power

Apparently, boosting your brainpower is as easy as investing in a few house plants. First off, studies have a shown a connection between improved memory and the presence of foliage. A green living arrangement also helps boost productivity. So, next time you're feeling mentally sluggish, head over to your favorite country store and stock up on fresh mums.


Ready to infuse your home with mums? Stop by Cranberry Country Market in Tomah, WI, for a wide assortment of color and size options. While they're known for their selection of locally sourced produce, the family-owned and -operated country store also stocks affordable mums for the entire month of September. Keep your eye on their website to score special deals on their plants and products, or learn more about their offerings by calling (608) 374-4944.

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