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3 Common Causes of a Loud Washer September 4, 2018

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3 Common Causes of a Loud Washer, Delhi, Ohio

Modern washing machines offer the convenience of quick and efficient garment cleaning. However, heavy usage and general wear and tear eventually result in the need for washer repairs. A common issue that occurs is loud noises during operation, which can be attributed to a variety of problems. 

3 Common Causes of a Noisy Washing Machine

1. Drum Bearing

A loud grinding sound is often a result of a worn-out drum, which requires a full bearing and seal replacement. With this issue, the noise is typically most prevalent during the spin cycle and becomes louder with time. However, if you'd classify the sound as a squeak, then the unit might simply need lubrication instead of a traditional washer repair.

2. Drive Pulley

washer repairWashing machines also rely on a drive pulley to provide smooth spinning movements. When the drive pulley becomes worn out or broken, it prevents the belt from holding the tub stable during the spin cycle. This process creates a loud, rumbling, or thumping noise. If you suspect a drive pulley is the culprit of your machine's excessive sounds, avoid using the system until appliance repairs are made to prevent drum damage.

3. Drain Pump

Drain pumps are another common focus of noise issues. This valuable feature is responsible for pumping all of the water out of your machine during the spin cycle. When it becomes clogged with debris, it struggles to do its job. As a result, you'll notice loud sounds intermittently when the drum is spinning. In many cases, the accompanying washer repair is as simple as cleaning out the pump.


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