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Top 4 Hospitalization Risks for Seniors September 11, 2018

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Top 4 Hospitalization Risks for Seniors, Poteau, Oklahoma

A number of factors influence the type of care your senior loved one needs. As your loved one ages, utilizing a home health care service can minimize safety risks and provide regular interaction. To determine if they could benefit from home health care, consider the following top hospitalization risks for seniors.

4 Common Causes of Senior Hospitalization

1. Cardiovascular Conditions

According to the American Heart Association, in 2010, 51% of all cardiovascular procedures were performed on individuals over the age of 60. From congestive heart failure to cardiac arrhythmias, seniors are faced with multiple heart health issues. Having home health care lets a professional ensure your loved one is practicing heart-healthy habits, including eating the right foods and staying active.

2. Diabetes

If your loved one has lived a more sedentary lifestyle or hasn’t maintained a healthy diet, they may be at risk for developing diabetes. If they aren’t properly cared for, complications from diabetes can lead to hospitalization for nerve and kidney damage and cardiovascular disease.

3. Medication Errors

home health careHealth care issues can become more prevalent as we age, which may require medication as part of a treatment plan. Keeping track of every medication and the correct dosage can be difficult, which is why medication error is one of the leading causes of senior hospitalization. A home health care professional who regularly visits your loved one means they can also monitor their medication intake, allowing for fewer mix-ups.

4. Pneumonia

As we age, our immune systems begin to weaken, leaving us open to more illnesses and infections, such as pneumonia. Hiring a caregiver for your senior loved one provides another person to evaluate their overall health. If they begin to develop symptoms of pneumonia or the flu, an aide can bring them to the doctor for early treatment. 


For caring and compassionate home health care services in Poteau, OK, look no further than Advantage Home Health & Hospice. Their staff offers comprehensive care for aging and terminal seniors throughout LeFlore County. To learn more about how this home care practice will keep your loved ones safe, visit their website or call (918) 647-0653.

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