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5 Ways to Organize Your Garage September 18, 2018

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5 Ways to Organize Your Garage , Dothan, Alabama

Garages are a versatile part of your property. They can store vehicles, sports equipment, and other items, or you can use this area as a workshop for crafting, building, and more. Before you know it, garages become cluttered and messy. Whether you have a detached metal garage or one attached to your home, below are a few ways to avoid this issue and keep your garage neat and tidy.

How to Organize a Garage

1. Vertical Storage

If your garage is limited in square footage, use the walls and ceiling to increase storage area. Add hooks for hanging coats, hats, and protective gear. Install shelving along the perimeter and organize items into storage bins on each level. You can even add hanging bins to the ceiling for lightweight items like rags and bags to free up the floor for vehicles and large equipment.

2. Pegboards

Pegboards offer versatility to accommodate an assortment of items. You can hang shelves or hooks to store tools, work gloves, and protective goggles. Turn pegboards on their side and insert them under a workbench to hang tools. 

3. Drawers & Organizers

metal garageWhether you choose a tool cabinet with multiple drawers to house different sized items or you install filing cabinets, storage units with drawers and compartments make it easier to organize. Drawers also allow you to neatly hide items from sight and reduce clutter. You can also utilize old jars for nails, screws, washers, and other small hardware.

4. Ball Organizer

For sports lovers, having a ball for each game is important. With a few planks of wood and some bungee cord, you can create a storage spot along the wall for them. Nail wood to the wall studs to create a frame, drill holes to weave the cord, stretch the bungee, and stack the balls in place.

5. Pallets

Concrete, brick, and metal garages can all benefit from recycling pallets into storage. The slots make a perfect bike rack. Secure a pallet to the wall in an upright position to store brooms, mops, and gardening tools. The slats at this angle will keep them standing and neatly stacked in a corner.


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