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3 Essential Pieces of Information Your Babysitter Should Have August 31, 2018

Morehead City, Carteret
3 Essential Pieces of Information Your Babysitter Should Have, Morehead City, North Carolina

For the most part, when it comes to kids, there is no such thing as being too prepared. When you have to leave your children with a babysitter, it is important this individual has as much information as possible to do their job without any issues. Fill them in on any critical information they need to know before you head to work or leave for the evening.

What Your Babysitter Needs to Know

1. Emergency Contacts

It’s always important that your babysitter can reach you in the event an emergency arises or they are unsure about how to handle specific situations. Leave a contact sheet that has both parents’ work and cell phone numbers and email addresses. You should also list any healthcare providers, making sure to list specialties, locations, and emergency phone lines. Include any close relatives, friends, or neighbors whom they can dial if you are unreachable, and provide a list of all local emergency service phone numbers.

2. Allergy & Medical Information

babysitterWhen leaving your children with a new babysitter, it is crucial they are made aware of any allergies the kids might have as well as any necessary medications they need to take and at what time. Leave a detailed list with this information, including examples of foods and items the nanny might not be aware contains specified allergens. Also, notify them of where first-aid kits and EPI pens are located and ensure they know how to administer them. 

3. Daily Routine

For most children, knowing what to expect next helps prevent a lot of issues, particularly stress. Providing your babysitter with a detailed schedule will ensure your kids have something familiar while you are away and won’t succumb to tantrums. This information should include meal and nap or bed times, TV allowances, and educational activities. For best results, create a timeline that gives your nanny a general idea of when to do things. Give them space to fill in details about how your child handled each event. 


Whether you are an experienced parent or someone doing this for the first time, it’s always possible to forget some information your babysitter needs to know. Fortunately, when you turn to the proven professionals at Nancy’s Nannies, your sitter will know what to ask for. This babysitting service has been providing experienced babysitters  in coastal NC for 27 years. Each one is fully vetted by Nancy, who performs background and reference checks, before they come to your home. To find your sitter, visit their website, or call them today at (252) 726-6575.

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