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3 Reasons Your Home Needs Custom Mirrors September 3, 2018

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Reasons Your Home Needs Custom Mirrors, Spring Valley, New York

If you are looking for ways to makeover you space, investing in a remodeling project can be a time-consuming, expensive endeavor. Installing a few custom mirrors is a simple, cost-effective way to change the look of your space without the time commitment and costs associated with other home improvements. Below are a few benefits to custom mirror installation. 

Why You Should Invest in Custom Mirrors

1. Boost Aesthetic Appeal

A few well-placed custom mirrors will dramatically change the look of interiors. Large mirrors in ornate frames will add interesting focal points to rooms. In cramped quarters, the reflection from mirrors will give the optical illusion living spaces are more expansive.

2. Camouflage Wall Damage

Spring-Valley-New-York-custom-mirrorsFrom water damage to age, there are several factors that can leave the paint, wallpaper, or plaster in your home stained or faded. Placing custom mirrors on walls is a great way to hide the imperfections. You can use one mirror to hide concentrated damage. Spacing a few mirrors in an interesting pattern will help camouflage surfaces with a lot of stains, chips, or holes.   

3. Make Interiors Appear Brighter

Placing a custom mirror opposite a window is also worth considering. Natural light will bounce off the glass to illuminate interiors and make them appear more spacious. In homes with vibrant walls, custom mirrors will also reflect light from the surfaces, thereby enhancing the brightness in rooms.   


If you want to refresh the look of your home with beautiful custom mirrors, reach out to the team at Monsey Glass, based in Spring Valley, NY, for help. They will brainstorm design ideas to find perfect options for every room of your house. To learn more about custom glass solutions for mirrors, shower doors, and windows available for homes and businesses in Rockland County, New York City, and the surrounding areas, call (845) 352-2200. Visit the company online to request a free in-house estimate, and stay connected on Facebook for custom mirror design ideas. 

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