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How Frequently Should You Get Teeth Whitening Done? August 28, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
How Frequently Should You Get Teeth Whitening Done?, Anchorage, Alaska

Getting a perfectly white smile is easy with professional teeth whitening appointments at your dentist. However, because teeth are constantly yellowing and staining, many patients choose to get treatments on a regular basis for long-lasting results. Below is a guide to establishing a schedule that works for you. 

How Often to Schedule Treatments

teeth whiteningFor safety and comfort purposes, it’s recommended that you do not get a professional bleaching more than once a year. Many patients schedule their professional treatment before a special event—such as a wedding—with at-home touch ups throughout the year. At-home treatments will not provide the dramatic change that a professional bleaching does, but will help remove surface stains and maintain the brightness between appointments.

Some people may not need it once per year and simply come in when they notice their teeth are darkening. Some factors impact how quickly this happens, such as genetics and age. Smokers will experience yellowing at a much faster rate than non-smokers. Diet can have an effect, as well. For example, regular coffee, tea, or wine drinkers will need to come in more often since these beverages stain the teeth. 

When to Slow Down

While professional whitening treatments are perfectly safe, they do leave your smile sensitive. This can become an issue for your teeth and gums. If you’re sensitive to temperature, or if your gums start bleeding or become inflamed, then it’s time to stop whitening. Your dentist will not do treatments more often than is safe, but talk to them before you do any at-home treatments in between dentist appointments. They can also recommend safe home treatments for you to use, such as teeth whitening toothpaste and ADA-approved bleaching treatments.


The cosmetic dentistry team at Alpine Family Dentistry in Eagle River, AK, can help you get and maintain your dream smile. Their quality family dentistry services are available at affordable prices, so you can finally get that confident smile you’ve always wanted. Contact them online or at (907) 694-2409 to schedule a teeth whitening appointment today.