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How to Treat a Gummy Smile October 18, 2018

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How to Treat a Gummy Smile , Kodiak, Alaska

If you show excessive gum tissue when smiling, you might feel self-conscious about your appearance. While this typically doesn’t make it more difficult to speak or eat, it can make your smile look less attractive. If you wish to fix this cosmetic issue, the dentists at BridgeView Dental Group in Kodiak, AK, share the causes and treatment options for this condition.

Causes of a Gummy Smile

There are several factors that lead to a gummy smile. A high lip line, for example, causes the upper lip to move higher when you smile, displaying excessive gum tissue. A gummy smile can also result if permanent teeth didn’t erupt normally. Excessive gum tissue can form around these teeth, causing them to appear shorter than normal. If your upper jaw grew more than it should have, it could cause the gums to stick out more.

Treatments for a Gummy Smile

dentistThere are a few different treatment options available after a dentist assesses the cause and severity of your smile. If the excessive gingival display is due to over-erupted teeth, the issue can usually be fixed with orthodontics. Braces can move the teeth in proper position and help the gums stick out less. It’s also possible to apply porcelain veneers, which will make the teeth look longer and improve your tooth-to-gum ratio. If you just have too much gum tissue, a dentist may recommend a gingivectomy, which involves removing gum tissue with a surgical scalpel.

If you are ready to repair a gummy smile, visit the dentists at BridgeView Dental Group in Kodiak. They provide gum contouring as well as many other dental services, including tooth extractions, root canals, and teeth whitening. Their staff do everything they can to promote a comfortable and relaxed environment for patients. To schedule an appointment, call (907) 486-3257. Visit their website for more information about their services.

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