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Top 3 Flooring Materials for Commercial Spaces September 19, 2018

New York, Bronx
Top 3 Flooring Materials for Commercial Spaces, New York, New York

With so many styles, textures, and color options available, choosing a new floor for your commercial space can be tough. Each flooring material offers different aesthetics and benefits and choosing the right one can make your interior inside more appealing and functional. Before you install a new flooring inside your workplace, consider the valuable information about some of the most common materials below. 

3 Flooring Materials for Your Commercial Space

1. Vinyl

Thanks to its initial inexpensive costs and color variety, vinyl flooring has been a favorite choice for commercial spaces for decades. It’s available in any color, quick to manufacture, and comes in a sheet variety, which is ideal for businesses that prefer flooring without seams, such as a healthcare environment. Also, vinyl is slip and stain-resistant and has sound absorbing qualities. 

2. Linoleum

flooringLinoleum is another flooring material that is available in any color or is printed to appear like other materials. It contains renewable resources, which is an excellent quality to have if your business is environment-friendly. Linoleum includes linseed oil from the flax plant and resin, ground limestone, and wood or cork particles. Some styles may also have a coating on the surface to protect it from scratches and repel stains. 

3. Carpet

Not every carpet style is made for business space. Some types aren’t able to stand up to the wear and tear that comes from heavy traffic. However, there are still plenty of options available to suit your establishment. It can be an economical choice for commercial flooring. Plus, it feels more comfortable to walk and stand on than other materials. 


The professionals at O’Conner’s Carpet Center in Bronx, NY, have provided clients throughout the area with high-quality commercial flooring for over 46 years. This flooring contractor offers a variety of material options, including carpet, laminate, and prefinished hardwood floors. To keep your floors looking professional and clean, they also offer cleaning services by a thoroughly trained team. Call (718) 409-2020 to learn more today.

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