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A Quick Guide to Astigmatism September 19, 2018

Oakley, Cincinnati
A Quick Guide to Astigmatism, Cincinnati, Ohio

If your eye doctor has diagnosed you with astigmatism, you aren’t alone. An estimated one in three Americans lives with this condition — and it’s no cause for concern. With proper diagnosis and vision correction aids, you can continue to see as clearly as ever.

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a refractive error that occurs when the cornea — the transparent layer forming the front of the eye — is irregularly shaped. Normally, it resembles a perfect sphere. In people with astigmatism, the cornea tends to be more egg- or football-shaped than round.

eye doctorWhen light enters the eye, it can’t properly focus on the retina because of this irregularity in shape. The retina is the part at the back of the eyeball containing light-sensitive cells, which trigger the optic nerve — signaling the brain to form visual images.

How Does Astigmatism Affect Vision?

This results in blurry or distorted vision at all distances. Other symptoms include strained eyes, headaches, and squinting in an effort to obtain clearer sight. Astigmatism often goes hand in hand with near- or farsightedness and can be present at birth or develop with time.

Your eye doctor can diagnose the condition using a simple, painless eye exam. The most common vision correction options are glasses or contact lenses. In many cases, LASIK® eye surgery can also offer a permanent solution. Your eye doctor can determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure. 


For an eye exam in Cincinnati, OH, trust the professionals of Wing Eyecare. Their knowledgeable eye doctors are dedicated to helping patients see clearly with cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments. Part of their mission is educating patients and empowering them to take control of their ocular health — as their online informational portal shows. For an appointment with an eye doctor at the location nearest you, call (888) 274-9464.

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