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5 Tips for Delivering a Heartfelt Eulogy August 31, 2018

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5 Tips for Delivering a Heartfelt Eulogy, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

The loss of a loved one can be difficult to put into words; however, sometimes you are asked to do exactly that. Eulogies are universal tributes to the lives of friends and family members, whether they are part of memorial or funeral services. Ensure your eulogy is both heartfelt and poignant with the following advice. 

5 Eulogy Tips for an Upcoming Funeral Service 

1. Do Some Research

Watch videos of great eulogies on YouTube as inspiration. What make them so beautiful? Were they funny? Deeply personal? Did they combine sad moments with happy ones? Consider how the funeral service attendees react as well.

2. Take Notes

funeral servicesKeep a notepad on hand to jot down notes whenever you want to. Use the notepad to write down special stories or anecdotes from friends and family too, so you have a wealth of information to pull from when you write your final draft.

3. Talk About Experiences

Focus on experience-based stories that showcase why the loved one will remain in the hearts and minds of all who knew them. Talk about how the individual always had a kind word for everyone or went out of their way to help strangers. Discuss the love the person had for family and friends, as well as fun and funny memories that make it obvious why the individual was so valued.

4. Stay Positive

Stay as positive as you can. Talk about the loved one’s life and how much joy they brought to those around them. Remember that everyone around you is mourning as well, and you won’t want the eulogy to increase the weight of their loss. Think of your speech as a celebration of the person’s life to help you maintain a positive tone.

5. Rehearse

Rehearse your eulogy in front of a mirror. Rehearsing helps you get familiar with the eulogy so you won’t have to pause too much to find your place.


Writing a eulogy is a little easier when you have a supportive team to guide you through the process. Middendorf Funeral Home has provided compassionate funeral services to residents throughout Northern Kentucky since the 1860s that celebrate the lives of loved ones. Pre-planning, obituaries, cremations, and after-care are among the many funeral services available from this dedicated team. Call (859) 341-7800 today or visit the family-owned funeral home online for more information. 

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