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Is Your Air Conditioner Performing? June 1, 2015

Cheviot, Cheviot
Is Your Air Conditioner Performing?, Cheviot, Ohio

Are you getting what you paid for?

Buying a high efficient Energy Star Air Conditioner is usually a great choice for consumers. But remember, to actually generate the targeted performance, homes must have a duct system that can supply the air where it was designed to go. If not, it is like buying a Cadillac and not filling the tires. For an example, you buy an Energy Star 16 SEER rated air conditioner, you have 30% duct leakage (air that you arte are paying to heat and cool that is going into unconditioned or undesired spaces), your actual performance is less than 12 SEER which is below Energy Star. For more information on sealing tour duct work from the inside out, call us at 661-1910 or Click Here.

SEER Ratings, are you delivering what they're paying for?