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How to Have a Successful First Bath With Your Puppy August 31, 2018

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How to Have a Successful First Bath With Your Puppy, Buckeye Lake, Ohio

There’s nothing like a puppy, and every aspect of life with your new pup can feel fun. Except when they’ve rolled in smelly garbage or found the biggest, muddiest puddles. Then, it’s bath time. To have a first successful attempt at pet grooming, the experts at PetPlex Animal Hospital, in Buckeye Lake, OH, offer the following tips.

Tips for Successful Pet Grooming

1. How Often to Bathe Your Puppy

Puppies don’t need to be bathed often. Dogs have protective oils in their fur that helps keep skin resistant to infection and itchy spots. A general guideline for puppy baths is as follows:

  • One time per week until three months old.
  • One time per month until six months old.
  • Two times per year as adult dogs, or when needed.

Some pet owners don’t do regular pet grooming at all. This is fine, depending on circumstances and the breed. Grooming is often more for the owner than the pet.

2. What Supplies You’ll Need

pet-groomingYou can bathe your puppy in a tub, dish tub, sink, or even a shallow bucket, depending on their size. Select shampoo that is made for dogs and add a de-tangler if the dog has a long or silky coat. Use a jug or detachable shower head to wet their coat. Have several towels on hand and be prepared to get wet yourself. Consider placing a non-slip mat down, so they feel secure and are easier to hold onto. Get everything together in one place before you start the process.

3. Giving the Bath

Keep the water in your bathing location shallow and warm—97 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. As you place the puppy in the water, speak soothingly and pet them. Give them a moment to take in the experience. Then gently and thoroughly wet their coat using the jug or shower head. Add shampoo to the water rather than rubbing directly on the coat and lather well. Use a soapy washcloth to gently wash the puppy’s face, being careful of the eyes, ears, and nose, then rinse thoroughly. Lift your dog from the tub and dry well, blotting excess moisture from the coat and rub gently. This may take more than one towel, and your dog will naturally want to shake to get dry. Keep your wet pup in warm conditions, out of the wind, direct sun, or cold.

Bathing a puppy can be fun and easy if you follow the tips above. PetPlex Animal Hospital offers full-service veterinary care to the Buckeye Lake community. They also provide pet grooming, boarding, emergency care, and CT scans. Call (740) 929-3300 for an appointment or visit the website to learn more about their services.

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