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5 Fields You Can Enter With Esthetician Training August 30, 2018

Seymour, New Haven County
5 Fields You Can Enter With Esthetician Training, Seymour, Connecticut

For those with a special interest in skin care and treatment, a career in aesthetics is the perfect fit. Before starting esthetician training, you’re likely wondering what careers you can enter with this specialty. Many think spas and salons are your only options, but contrary to popular belief, your prospects are diverse. Consider these fields when deciding what to do with your training.

What Fields Can an Esthetician Work In?

1. Salon or Spa Manager

While working as an esthetician in a spa or salon is common, professional esthetician training will enhance your abilities and make it much easier to climb the ladder in your career. With the right drive, you’ll make your way up to a managerial position within a few years. From there, you could find yourself running your own establishment.

2. Beauty Blogger or Writer

If you find you’re particularly skilled in social media, writing, and giving advice, you may find your career online. Beauty bloggers and writers should demonstrate extensive knowledge and authority on skin care, so having special training in aesthetics will give you an edge. You can easily make money promoting the best brands and products.

3. Makeup Artist

esthetician trainingThe ability to enhance and beautify facial features with makeup is an art, and many who go through esthetician training choose this route. Makeup artists may work for department stores, spas, film studios, theaters, advertisers, or fashion shows. They can even go freelance and specialize in special occasions like weddings.

4. Medical Esthetician

Those with esthetician training can even work in the medical field. Careers in dermatology or plastic surgery can involve anything from client consultations on skin care routines to assisting patients in recovering from surgeries or accidents. You may work closely with doctors, perform skin evaluations, and offer referrals for serious skin conditions.

5. Brand Representative

On the other end of salons, spas, and makeup artists are the representatives who sell products. As a salesperson, you’ll be responsible for knowing the ins and outs of your brand. You’ll show them how to best use your products and promote them to customers. If you excel at promoting your goods and explaining how each product suits different skin types, this could be the field for you.


If you’re ready to begin an exciting career in aesthetics, enroll in the Oxford Academy of Hair Design. Located in Seymour, CT, this licensed cosmetology school offers professional skin care and makeup courses to students across Connecticut. Their esthetician training program provides students with the expertise necessary to work confidently in any field of skin care. Begin your path to success today by calling (203) 286-4533. Also, learn more about their available courses online.

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