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What Can I Expect During My First MRI? September 4, 2018

Kenai, Kenai Peninsula
What Can I Expect During My First MRI?, Kenai, Alaska

A bit of anxiety is expected when undergoing your first MRI, which stands for “magnetic resonance imaging”. It’s good to know that these diagnostic procedures are extremely common, and most clinics take extra steps to ensure patients are comfortable throughout. Based in Alaska, Kenai Peninsula Imaging Center offers the following guide to their patients so they know what to expect when undergoing medical imaging.


Preparing for an MRI is pretty simple for most patients. Because jewelry will interact with the magnets within the machine, you’ll be told not to wear any on the day of your test. If there are any restrictions on diet or medications, your technician will provide instructions before the test occurs. You will also be asked to fill out screening paperwork, so it’s best to arrive about half an hour early to make sure you have ample time.

During the Procedure

MRIYou’ll be positioned on your back in the machine, which is a long tube with openings on either end. During the test, it’s important that you remain still so readings can be taken accurately. Loud thumps and bangs are not uncommon while the MRI is being operated, so you may be given ear plugs or headphones to block out any noise. The test usually takes anywhere from half an hour up to two hours, depending on how many areas are being assessed. If at any time during the MRI you feel uncomfortable, you can signal your technician by using a call button.


For most people, there is little to do after the test is completed. If contrast dye was injected intravenously, you’ll want to look out for signs of allergic reactions, which include hives and swelling. Some people also need to be sedated during the process due to a phobia of enclosed spaces. If so, you’ll be kept at the imaging center until the effects of the drug wear off. You’ll also need a ride home, since you won’t be permitted to operate a vehicle for a few hours.

MRIs provide an abundance of important information about your health and well-being. The staff at Kenai Peninsula Imaging Center utilizes the latest technology when performing diagnostic imaging and interpreting results. They also strive to make their services affordable for all patients, which is essential when it comes to maintaining your health and wellness. Schedule an MRI in Kenai, AK, by calling (907) 335-4674 today. You can also visit the website for more information on preparing for your visit.

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