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Remove Spider Veins in Time For Bikini Season With Light Touch Laser Spa June 10, 2015

NoMad, Manhattan
Remove Spider Veins in Time For Bikini Season With Light Touch Laser Spa, Manhattan, New York

'Tis the season to show all—or almost all—on the beach. To get ready for bikini season, you want to feel confident in your own skin. For people who suffer from spider veins—jagged lines on the skin caused by genetics, aging, hormone medications, sun damage and skin trauma—it’s easy to feel self-conscious.

That doesn't have to be the case. All it takes is a trip to the best laser spa salon in NYC—Light Touch Laser Spa—to get ready for the summer weather with cosmetic laser treatments. Laser vein removal procedures are simple, safe and easier than ever before thanks to the innovative advances in the field. A laser is pointed at the cluster of blood vessels. The laser heats up the targeted blood vessels, causing the blood to clot and remove the vessel lining. 

With laser technology, there’s no chance of your skin scarring; even any potential skin discoloration subsides a few weeks after the procedure. Note that laser vein removal requires multiple follow-up treatments, so be sure to book soon so you can enjoy the summer season earlier.

While you are at the best laser hair and vein removal salon in NYC, check out Light Touch Laser Spa’s other laser services. Your favorite laser hair removal salon in Flatiron is the perfect solution for smooth, hairless legs for the summer. For a clean and neat bikini line, choose the salon’s Brazilian laser hair removal services in NYC. You can also schedule a skin-tightening, anti-aging facial to protect your skin from the harsh sun—a perfect combination to ready yourself for the beach season.

It’s time to show off some skin for summer and feel your best. For more information on laser vein and laser hair removal in NYC, call Light Touch Laser Spa at (646) 926-7202 for a free consultation, and visit the website for more information.