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5 Tips to Improve Your Vocal Performance for a Concert Video September 17, 2018

Long Island City, Queens
5 Tips to Improve Your Vocal Performance for a Concert Video, Queens, New York

If you want to produce a concert video of your next rock and roll performance, you want to make sure every part of the show is perfect. For many singers, this means going back to the basics to improve their vocal abilities. Below are a few suggestions to help prepare for a concert recording.

How to Improve Your Voice

1. Open Your Mouth

When speaking, most people close their jaws almost completely when pronouncing certain vowels, particularly E. But to let the sound come through clearly, make sure your mouth is open at least a couple of inches. Practice singing and pronouncing these sounds with your mouth open.

2. Keep Your Chin Down

Another natural tendency is to want to raise your chin and stretch your neck on high notes. But, in fact, tone, clarity, and power all benefit when you keep your chin slightly lowered throughout the performance. Practice in a mirror, and don’t let your head bob—you’ll notice an immediate improvement.

3. Stay Hydrated

Concert VideoDrink water before the performance, and have accessible water onstage. Take a drink between numbers to keep your quality consistent throughout the show.

4. Breath Control

Whether it’s sustaining a long note or simply eliminating “breathy” sounds from the performance, be conscious of your breathing. A concert video or sound recording can help you hear how your breath affects your performance; try placing your hands on your chest or stomach throughout the show to feel your breathing.

5. Posture

Standing with your feet flat, about hip-width apart, and your chest high will give your voice more power and help with control. As a bonus, this is also a confident, attractive stance which will look great in the video production.


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