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A Counselor’s 5 Tips for Improving Your Health Daily August 30, 2018

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A Counselor’s 5 Tips for Improving Your Health Daily, Lorain, Ohio

If you’re having difficulties with your mental health, it can be easy to let your physical health slip as well. As part of your therapy and in the interest of improving your well-being, your counselor will likely recommend focusing on self-care. Here are a few ways you can make sure your body is getting what it needs.

How to Improve Your Health

1. Sleep

Getting enough sleep can be difficult for those experiencing anxiety and distress. But sleep is essential to help you regulate your mood and protect many aspects of your well-being, including heart health. At a minimum, try to block out seven hours to rest in bed. Ideally, eight to ten hours is even better, but it’s all right to start small.

2. Eat

Poor nutrition and low blood sugar will quickly wreak havoc on your mood, and without food, you will quickly lose the energy to make positive changes in your life. You don’t have to prepare anything fancy, but try to feed yourself three full meals each day, and fill your refrigerator and cupboards with healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

3. Hydrate

Water is essential to keeping your body functioning well and flushing out toxins. Without it, you’ll be more tired, experience headaches, and possibly even become dizzy or lose consciousness. While the “eight glasses a day” guideline is a myth, you will feel better when you keep a large glass or a full water bottle near you throughout the day and sip as frequently as you can.

4. Rest on Weekends

Many people try to pack their weekends with activities, chores, and work they need to catch up on, but your counselor would recommend that you keep your weekends calm and restful. The work week is a busy and sometimes stressful time for most people, and a recovery period is essential to let your body and mind rest from the stress. As much as possible, use this time to sleep, relax, and replenish yourself—that way you’ll be fresh for the new week.

5. Have a Passion

CounselorWhen you have a hobby or pursuit you care about deeply, it can give your life direction and boost your mood. Art, hiking, music, reading, cooking, dance, woodworking, and other activities will help lower your stress and engage your mind in something positive each day.


The LCADA Way, offering services in Lorain, Medina, and Erie counties, has a 37-year history of offering quality mental health services. If you need to see a counselor for depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health issues, or if you are seeking treatment for drug addiction, their trained and compassionate staff is eager to help. To make an appointment, call (440) 989-4900 or send a message online.

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