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What Are Some Non-Heating Uses for Propane? August 29, 2018

West Plains, Howell
What Are Some Non-Heating Uses for Propane?, West Plains, Missouri

While it's known for its efficiency in residential and commercial heating, propane is used to power a variety of tools and equipment. As the team at Brotherton Propane in West Plains, MO, explains, you may even utilize the fuel source in your own backyard. Take a closer look at some of the often-overlooked operations that run on this clean energy solution.

A Guide to Non-Heating Propane Uses

Handheld Torches

Propane is readily available in the U.S. because it's produced here. As a result, it's become the go-to power for handheld torch devices. Such tools are utilized in a variety of industries, including welding and woodworking. Handheld torches are also used for cooking, especially when complex baked goods are involved, like baked Alaska.

Outdoor Tools

propaneJust about everyone loves barbeque season, and many modern grills rely on small propane tanks for their cooking power. The same arrangement is used for gas fire pits and tables that make patios and decks so cozy during the fall and winter. The fuel source's affordability has also made it a popular choice for lawn care equipment, including lawnmowers and leaf blowers.


Along with its affordability, the natural gas byproduct is efficient. This quality has led it to become a top energy solution for heavy-duty equipment with the most notable being forklifts. Not only does the fuel make the machine more cost-effective to operate, but propane-based systems are often more powerful than their diesel counterparts.

Home Appliances

For homeowners, outdoor equipment doesn't get to have all of the fun — the power source is utilized by a range of indoor appliances. Stoves are the most common system, but dryers are surprisingly a close second. The energy solution is also a popular choice for fireplaces.

Propane's popularity is down to its various appealing qualities, including affordability and efficiency. If you want to start taking advantage of these traits, turn to the team at Brotherton Propane for reliable and affordable delivery service. For over 43 years, the gas company has proudly served the fuel needs of residents and businesses throughout Howell County. Request a service today by calling (417) 256-5067 or by utilizing their online contact form.

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