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Read Aloud Tips for Parents With Toddlers September 17, 2018

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Read Aloud Tips for Parents With Toddlers, Manhattan, New York

Sharing a story with your child is a wonderful opportunity to bond as well as introduce them to the world of words and reading. Toddlers, in particular, require certain strategies to make reading aloud to them a success. The reading tutors at Reading in Preschool, serving New York, NY, offer the following top tips to make story time fun for you and your little one.

4 Tips for Reading Aloud to Toddlers

1. Follow Your Child’s Lead

Parents sometimes have expectations about story time that don’t always materialize. Toddlers naturally have shorter attention spans and may want to jump from page to page or listen for only a short time. Reading tutors suggest to let children lead the way through the story. Don’t force them to keep still if they’re restless. Either stop for the time being or keep reading, as little ones can listen when they are being active too.

2. Make Books Available

preschool-readingHave books on hand in the kitchen, car, and bedroom for those brief moments when your little one is still. Keep books where your child can reach them too, so they can look through favorite stories on their own. If your toddler brings a book to you to read, stop for a moment and enjoy the story together, as they will soon be off to another activity.

3. Create a Set Story Time

Reading tutors suggest implementing a set storytime. Though little ones are busy and spontaneous, they also enjoy predictability. Choose a time every day that you can commit to, join a regular story time event at a local library or bookstore, or explore pairing reading a specific book with a song or rhyme that may be associated with it.

4. Let Them Talk

Toddlers often want to respond or talk about the book, such as asking questions about characters or observing colors or shapes. Allow time for this and encourage the repetition of words—this is how they learn! Bring their attention to the same words, shapes, animals, and so on that feature in their books when you are out in the world.

Reading aloud to your toddler creates a relationship between the two of you and fosters learning. Reading in Preschool is a preschool reading service in New York that provides reading tutors that will meet with your child in at home. All teachers have Master’s in Education degrees and training in the specific Reading in Preschool method. They work with children ages three and up. For more information on their method and program, visit the website. Call 917-723-1159 to get your child started today.

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