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3 Easy Ways to Organize Self-Storage & Minimize Clutter August 30, 2018

Brown Deer, Milwaukee
3 Easy Ways to Organize Self-Storage & Minimize Clutter, Brown Deer, Wisconsin

After you have rented a self-storage unit, it is easy for the space to become messy. As you visit the unit to retrieve belongings or look for certain boxes, items can be misplaced quickly. However, by making a few adjustments to the way you store your items, you can keep the space tidy. Here are three easy ways to organize your storage space and minimize clutter. 

3 Tips for Organizing Self-Storage

1. Nest Objects

Instead of storing everything separately, focus on nesting smaller items into larger items to save space. For instance, consider keeping delicate dishes inside of a stored dishwasher, and stash Easter decorations inside of the baskets you are hanging onto. After you have nested belongings, make sure to label them carefully to make it easier to find the hidden items. 

2. Make a Map 

self-storageConsider creating a map of your entire unit, listing the location of crucial boxes. For example, sort items by room, and assign each corner of your unit to a corresponding space in your home. Create a map, and include important notes about what is in each box, how items are stacked, and anything else that will help you find your items when you need them. Post maps in the entrance of storage spaces, and make sure to cover them with a sheet protector to keep them free of dust. 

3. Clean Your Unit Regularly

Once a year or so, go through your unit and clean the space. Donate or trash items you no longer need, and update your interior map to organize the space. To make it easier to remember annual cleanings, set a reminder in your phone or mark it on a paper calendar. 


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