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3 Steps to Ensure Your Home Remodeling Project Stays on Budget August 29, 2018

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3 Steps to Ensure Your Home Remodeling Project Stays on Budget, Greensboro, North Carolina

It can be a challenge to stay within budget while planning a home remodeling project. You’ll have to factor materials and labor into the project as well as unexpected incidents that might drive costs up. Piedmont Home Contractors Inc. of Greensboro, NC, has worked on hundreds of homes over the past two decades and understands the budgeting difficulties that come with renovations. Below are the three steps they recommend to ensure the finances don’t get out of hand:

3 Steps to Keep a Home Remodeling Project Under Budget

1. Examine the Whole Project

Start with the basics. Meet with a contractor and put your ideas for the renovation down on paper, detailing every aspect of the project. Determine the cost of new materials that will have to be purchased and whether any appliances will have to be replaced. Factor in the labor costs and you should have a solid baseline to build a budget.

2. Add in Daily Living Costs

home remodelingJust because the home is getting remodeled doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with the family’s daily living costs. Since neglecting to include this information in the budget could easily bring the project to a halt, create a list of the routine expenses that will have to be covered. This will ensure your family is well-provided for during the entire process without having to delay contractor payments.

3. Think About the Variables

Once you’ve determined the basics of the project, it’s time to consider the many variables that could alter your budget. For instance, reconfiguring the layout could require pipes to be moved and electrical components to be rewired, increasing the price of the project. “Needs” versus “wants” will also have to be re-evaluated to determine which items are absolutely necessary and which changes can be put off for another year, so you don’t go over budget.

Ensure your project stays within the financial range that you can afford by working with the leading home remodeling team in Greensboro, NC. Piedmont Home Contractors Inc. is recognized for their detailed designs and specializes in a wide range of contracting services, including mold remediation and bathroom renovation. They understand the need for affordable improvements and will be happy to work with you to finalize the design. Call (336) 545-8812 to secure a free estimate or visit their website for additional information on their remodeling services throughout the Triad.

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