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5 Indications It's Time for Replacement Windows September 3, 2018

Ozark, Dale
5 Indications It's Time for Replacement Windows, Ozark, Alabama

In most homes, the windows are a primary area of heat loss, and the problem only worsens as the home ages. However, replacement windows are simple solutions to improve insulation, reduce energy consumption, and save money each month on utility bills. Decks Unlimited, a trusted home improvement company in Ozark, AL, outlines below some of the key signs that you need new windows. If you notice any of the following problems, the time might be right for an upgrade.

5 Signs You Need Replacement Windows

1. Noise

Your windows should offer considerable soundproofing. If you can clearly hear car engines, radios, or children playing in the street through your current panes, you likely need a set of new and improved replacements.

2. Drafts

If you can feel drafts in the winter or hot air seeping through the frames during summer, you're clearly wasting a lot of money on heating and cooling. Vinyl upgrades will seal off the energy loss, save you money on bills, and keep your house more comfortable.

3. Decay

Replacement windowsIf the wooden frames around your windows are showing signs of deterioration or decay, it's time to install new ones. Vinyl replacements require almost no maintenance and could last you 40 years.

4. Condensation

Double-pane glass should contain an insulating vacuum between the two panes. If you notice condensation between them, it means the seal has failed, the windows are not insulating as they should, and they need to be replaced.

5. High Energy Bills

If your heating and cooling bills are higher than normal this year, it could indicate a problem with the windows. Ask a contractor to inspect them and let you know if you'd benefit by installing new ones.

The information above should help you determine whether your home needs replacement windows. To discuss your options with a trusted, experienced home improvement company, contact Decks Unlimited in Dale County. They are a family-owned and -operated company that specializes in windows, awnings, gutters, and custom decks. Visit their website to request a quote or call (334) 232-1020 to have your questions answered.

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