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5 Fun Family Activities to Do in Kahuku September 24, 2018

Kahuku, Honolulu
5 Fun Family Activities to Do in Kahuku, Kahuku, Hawaii

Kahuku is one of the most beautiful places to explore and visit on Oahu, HI. Whether you’re a local or traveler, the town features a variety of family activities for all ages. Discover some of the most popular attractions to enjoy in the community. 

Best Family Activities in Kahuku

1. Zipline Tours 

If you’re an adventure seeker, a North Shore zipline tour at Keana Farms is for you. A 3-hour guided experience will allow you to take in breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean, as well as interesting information about the area’s history and culture. The site offers tours ranging from difficult to easy, so everyone in your party can participate. 

2. Shrimp Trucks 

Local seafood is both fresh and delicious. Take part in an authentic dining experience by visiting one of the neighborhood shrimp trucks. These traveling food trucks serve lunch and dinner, offering mouthwatering dishes like garlic or coconut shrimp. If you enjoy surf and turf, pair it with a piece of juicy steak. 

3. Surfing 

Kahuku Family ActivitiesThe North Shore is a world-renowned surfing mecca, but beginners can start here too. Receive private or group surfing lessons at Malaekahana Beach Campground, one of the most popular recreation sites in the community. If you’d rather try on your own, you can rent a board as well. 

4. Farm Tours 

If you talk to an area resident, they’ll tell you about the community’s vibrant farm-to-table scene. Restaurants and cafes couldn’t provide such scrumptious dishes without local farms, which produce tropical fruit, vegetables, and cacao. Take a farm tour to sample the harvest and learn about what it takes to grow them. 

5. Cafe Dining 

If you’re searching for a sit-down meal, visit a farm cafe. Indulge in vegetable soups, salads, and smoothies made with the freshest Hawaiian hydroponic lettuce, pineapple, and papaya. Follow up lunch or dinner with a homegrown dessert, like lilikoi sorbet, grilled banana bread, or vanilla bean ice cream. 


There is something for everyone at Kahuku Farms, which has offered fresh food and educational recreation since 2010, including hour-long farm tours, a farm-to-table cafe, and a shop with bath and body products, souvenir gifts, and culinary items. To learn more about their family activities, call them at (808) 628-0639. View their cafe menu on their website. You can also read reviews for their cafe on Yelp.

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