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3 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal With Power Washing September 5, 2018

East Mountian, Waterbury
3 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal With Power Washing, Waterbury, Connecticut

Whether you’re preparing to sell the home or just want to improve its look, power washing is an easy and affordable way to boost curb appeal. A clean exterior will look new and beautiful as a result. Here are a few exterior surfaces you can instantly beautify with pressure washing.

3 Exterior Surfaces to Improve With Power Washing

1. Siding

The siding has a lot of surface area, so it can be tough to keep clean. Fortunately, removing years’ worth of grime buildup doesn’t require taking a scrub brush and soap to the surface. A professional will safely remove dirt and peeling paint without damaging the siding or getting water underneath it. Schedule a power washing appointment if you plan to repaint the siding or want to make an older material look new again.

2. Driveway & Sidewalk

power washingDirt tends to gather in the cracks of concrete or between pavers, which might lead to weed growth. Meanwhile, fluid leaks from the car, bird droppings, and ground-in dirt all impact the look of your driveway and walkways. Pressure washing will instantly remove these ugly threats, leaving behind a beautiful surface. Protect your flower beds from drowning in water runoff by covering them with a tarp that’s weighted down at the edges.

3. Patios & Decks

Pressure washing is safe for all types of patio and deck materials, from wood to pavers and composites, if it is done properly. Professionals always recommend this cleaning method if you’re going to re-stain a deck since it helps the stain apply evenly. Remove all your furniture and planters before the contractor arrives and give the deck a few days to completely dry before staining or painting.


If you’re looking for a home improvement project with instant results, schedule a power washing appointment with the team at Armend’s Painting and Home Improvement in Hartford, CT. They will boost your curb appeal by safely and effectively washing the exterior surfaces of your property. They also provide interior and exterior painting to further refresh the home. Contact them online or call (203) 597-7179 to request a free estimate.

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