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5 Ways Mirrors Can Improve Your Home September 4, 2018

Dothan, Houston
5 Ways Mirrors Can Improve Your Home, Dothan, Alabama

Both decorative and functional, mirrors are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can use in your home. As Circle City Glass explains, they can do so much more than show you your reflection. Located in Dothan, AL, they've outfitted residential and commercial properties with high-quality mirrors, windows, doors, and much more. According to the glass experts, here are some of the tried and true methods for using these objects throughout your house.

5 Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

1. Bring in Daylight

Positioning a mirror near a window will help bounce natural light around the room. Achieving the perfect angle for optimal light without creating a glare can be difficult, but just play with the placement. You may even discover a better arrangement for your furniture!

2. Amplify a Lighting Fixture

As for evening light, placing mirrors behind, across, or next to lamps or sconces can increase the amount of artificial light around the room. This is fantastic for apartments, townhouses, and any other small homes with few windows.

3. Illuminate Every Meal

mirrorsTaking a cue from restaurants, hanging a long, rectangular mirror horizontally by the dining table keeps the lighting soft without losing brightness. Just make sure to place them within the line of sight you would have while sitting.

4. Grow Your Garden

Have a gorgeous garden in the backyard? Or a beautiful front lawn? Mirrors can bring some of that greenery inside. Furthermore, if it’s in a frame similar to your windows, it can even give the illusion of having another opening to the outdoors. 

5. Make a Statement

In both small spaces and large estates, an oversized mirror makes quite a design impact, especially in an entryway or hallway. Depending on your interior design style, a large, decorative frame can increase the aesthetic.

Excited to try some of these tricks? If you’re in Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, or Southwest Georgia, and you need custom mirrors, call Circle City Glass today at (334) 794-6160. Whether you want something to accompany your dining room or something by your closet, they can make it happen. To preview their product and materials, stop by their showroom or visit their website!

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