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3 Items You Can Keep in Long-Term Storage February 1, 2019

Groveton, Lee
3 Items You Can Keep in Long-Term Storage, Lee, Virginia

When your home is becoming a little cluttered, and you know certain belongings won’t be used for a while, those items become great candidates for long-term storage. Instead of having to give a beloved possession away, you can store it for an affordable price. Here are three types of items that make sense to put in long-term storage. 

What Is Suitable for Long-Term Storage

1. Art

long-term storageThere is only so much wall space in a house, and many people acquire a wide range of art over the years. Since it would be a shame to sell a piece you really love, an alternative is to put it into long-term storage. Every year or so, you can rotate pieces and get to be the curator of your home. 

2. Dorm Furniture

After one child goes through college, it doesn’t make any sense to get rid of all their furniture after graduation only to have to buy everything again when the second teenager heads to campus. By stowing it in long-term storage, the desk, sofa, and other items will stay in excellent condition until they’re needed.

3. Baby Clothes & Accessories

Many people choose to save baby clothes for the memories of when their son or daughter was tiny. Others may have the option of reusing them if they have another child. Long-term storage provides a solution to housing these items that you likely won’t need to look at for a while but will be glad you kept. 


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