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5 Reasons to Schedule Furnace Repair Now September 7, 2018

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5 Reasons to Schedule Furnace Repair Now, Liberty, Ohio

With fall and winter on the horizon, it won’t be long before you forgo air conditioning in favor of heating. While there’s still some time before you make the switch, it’s not too early to make sure your HVAC system is prepared for the dramatic change in temperature. Scheduling furnace inspections and repairs in advance can save you from trouble when temperatures drop. Here are a few reasons to make your appointment now.

Why You Should Fix Your Furnace Now

1. Fix It Before You Need It

It can be distressing to learn your furnace requires major work when you need it the most. You can avoid an unwelcome winter surprise by scheduling an HVAC contractor to inspect it while it’s still warm outside. Handling repairs in advance will give you peace of mind for the months ahead.

2. Schedule Before It Gets Busy

Heating and cooling companies tend to have very hectic schedules during the fall and winter. Many homeowners simply wait until the season to schedule furnace inspections. By taking care of it now, however, you won’t have to wait days or even weeks to resolve any problems.

3. Save on Repair Expenses

furnaceCosts might rise during the hectic peak season, which can make it even more stressful to deal with unexpected repairs. If the furnace is working overtime to heat your home, it might drive up your energy bills significantly. Taking care of the problem in advance also ensures you won’t have to deal with any costly emergencies during the winter.

4. Prevent Catastrophic Problems

Minor repairs can be resolved fairly quickly and affordably. When left undetected, however, they can contribute to more problematic issues that can affect the unit’s efficiency. That could potentially leave you and your family uncomfortable during the winter. Catch the small issues before they have a chance to develop into something worse, and you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a chilly home.

5. Make Sure the Furnace Works Well

While one area of the furnace might need specific repairs, the rest of it requires attention, too. For example, your HVAC contractor can inspect it to make sure the vents aren’t blocked, the heat exchanger is in good condition, and the wiring isn’t damaged. Unless you know how to check these issues yourself, you’ll feel content knowing a professional handled it.


The experts at Lenox Heating & Cooling, serving Ross County and Chillicothe, OH, understand what a nuisance it can be to deal with furnace problems at the most inopportune times. That’s why they encourage locals to arrange residential furnace inspections and repairs before the busy season arrives. You can trust this family-owned company to treat your HVAC system with the care it deserves. They’ll take their time to inspect your system closely—and they’ll get it right the first time, so you won’t have to spend a moment feeling uncomfortable. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call (740) 702-2665 to schedule an appointment.

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