Silver Spring, Maryland

CRōME VR Brings the Future of Gaming to You August 18, 2018

Silver Spring, Montgomery
CRōME VR Brings the Future of Gaming to You, Silver Spring, Maryland

CRōME VR – mobile entertainment using virtual immersion technology that allows enthusiasts to enter a world of “Infinite Possibilities” without ever actually leaving the room. 


CRōME VR offers a one-of-a-kind, immersive gaming experience designed to transport players to a virtual world of sports, creativity, fun, and adventure. Its room-scale capabilities create an interactive experience where players can actually move around freely within a designated space (which is also digitally calibrated for safety) and interact with their virtual environment.


Whereas Virtual Reality (VR) was once a concept found primarily in science fiction movies, the ever-growing advances in VR technology have made it possible for everyday people to enjoy the virtual gameplay in a mobile system that comes to YOU.


With CRōME VR, anything is possible! You can fight off alien ships, save the world from zombies, face your fear of heights by walking the plank several stories above the city streets, or test your skills on the ski slopes as you speed down a snowy bluff while trying to keep your balance and avoid the falling rocks. And if you're not up for the adrenaline rush, you can always play a relaxing game of golf on your lunch break in the middle of the office.


By simply strapping on the CRōME VR headset, players will be instantly transported to an exciting world of their choosing. Sound fun? Step inside and experience it for yourself!


With the latest, cutting-edge technology and a fully mobile setup, CRōME VR brings the magic of virtual reality gaming to you. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or arranging entertainment for a corporate event in Maryland, DC, or northern Virginia, these VR specialists will create an unbelievable entertainment experience your guests will never forget. Follow them on Twitter for news and updates, or call (301) 984-0500 to learn more about their services and request a quote.

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