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3 Driving Habits That Are Damaging Your Car August 29, 2018

Geneseo, Livingston
3 Driving Habits That Are Damaging Your Car, Geneseo, New York

Even if you diligently follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, you may be severely damaging your car with a few of your everyday driving habits. All drivers should understand what destructive habits to avoid for a more reliable and durable vehicle. Here are a few problems auto mechanics regularly deal with.

Auto Mechanic’s Guide to Common Destructive Driver Habits

1. Riding the Brakes

It is tempting to apply the brakes when going downhill, but this will get the brakes dangerously hot and wear them down prematurely. The heat can contribute to warping the brake drums, which is a costly issue for an auto mechanic to address. If you need to slow down on a hill, tap the brakes and release to let them cool down, then tap again as needed. Pull your foot completely off the brake to ensure you’re not dragging on them.

2. Resting a Hand on the Gear Shift

auto mechanicMany drivers of automatic vehicles rest their right hand on the gear shift as they drive with the left hand on the steering wheel. In addition to being dangerous (you should keep both hands on the wheel for the best control), this habit will damage your vehicle. Resting your hand puts weight on the small parts of the transmission such as its bushings and synchronizers, which wears them down prematurely.

3. Forgetting the Parking Brake

Many drivers only use the parking brake on hills, but you should be using it every time you park. Forgoing the parking brake puts all the weight of the vehicle on a small mechanism called the parking pawl. The pawl isn’t designed to carry that type of weight for extended periods, so doing this will eventually break it.


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