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Look for a history of in your storage unit May 29, 2015

Susan B. Anthony, Rochester
Look for a history of in your storage unit, Rochester, New York

If you’re careful and observant when you rent a storage space you will notice details about the unit. Some facilities are new or relatively so and there is no real history to see. The space appears clean and dry and you are then probably all set. Older facilities can be a different story and there walls may tell you something of the units history. If there are stains, then at one time or another, there was a history in that unit of a water problem. This doesn’t mean it isn’t safe to rent this particular unit but it does mean that you should inquire about its current history. The dampness issue may be long resolved but you shouldn’t hesitate to ask.

Check the floor carefully in new or old facilities for mice droppings. If you see any it is then legitimate to ask what the facility is doing about the situation. You should be satisfied with the response. If not you may have to store in a less convenient location but you will feel more at ease about your storage.

All managers in this industry should treat your personal stuff the way they would treat their own. If they know something about the recent history of the unit they should share it with you. At L.A Self-Storage, because we are an older facility some units have had “histories” but we would never rent a unit that had a concern with it without doing everything we could to resolve the issue before making that unit available for rental.

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