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Do's & Don'ts of Dealing With Jet Lag September 12, 2018

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Do's & Don'ts of Dealing With Jet Lag, Kalispell, Montana

International trips are exciting and let you experience new cultures around the world. However, after arriving and returning, your sleeping schedule may be backward due to the time difference. Fortunately, jet lag is a temporary sleep problem. By following the right steps, you can curb the symptoms and recalibrate to a new time zone and a fresh sleep cycle sooner rather than later. 


Book overnight flights.

If you’re prone to sleep problems like insomnia, try to book an overnight flight. This way, you can sleep on the plane and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding jet lag as you maintain a normal cycle. 

Set your watch to the proper time zone.

sleep problemAs part of your travel routine, set your watch to the new time zone before the plane takes off. This will mentally prepare you for your destination and help you determine the right times to sleep and eat. 


Fall asleep right away.

Once you land at your destination, don’t head straight to the hotel for a nap unless it’s bedtime in the new time zone. If it’s morning or afternoon, stay up as long as possible so your body can recalibrate. Your actions on day one can set a positive tone for your entire trip and help you avoid ongoing sleep problems. 

Forget to drink plenty of water.

Long travel days are hard on your body, especially when flying. To keep your body healthy and avoid exacerbating any jet lag, stay hydrated by consuming at least eight glasses of water every day. Skip the caffeine, which can lead to sleep problems, unless it’s morning in your destination and you’re about to kick off your day. 


If you’re having trouble getting back to a normal sleep schedule or have concerns about an upcoming international trip, the staff at Glacier Headache & Sleep Medicine will assist you. Located in Kalispell, MT, they’ve helped residents throughout Flathead County manage sleep problems and headaches since 1995. Call their office today at (406) 752-1729 to schedule an appointment or sleep study. For more information on the comprehensive services they provide, from diagnosing sleep apnea to treating narcolepsy, visit their website

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