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Interesting Facts About Wisconsin Cranberry Growing August 24, 2018

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Interesting Facts About Wisconsin Cranberry Growing, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

More than 60% of the U.S.’s cranberry harvest comes from Wisconsin, which makes August through October a busy time for cranberry growing in the state. While most people love these tart and wholesome little berries, few understand their compelling history. In order to honor the cranberry and all it’s done for Wisconsin farmers, Federation Cooperative in Black River Falls, WI, shares why cranberries should be on your seasonal shopping list.

Great Beginnings

On the American continent, Native Americans were the first to discover just how useful cranberries can be. These berries were a rich source of sustenance and often used as an ingredient in pemmican, which is a paste made up of dried meat, fat, and other ingredients. Cranberries were referred to as sassamanash by Algonquin tribes, although settlers called them crane berries due to the flower’s resemblance to sandhill cranes.

Versatile Crops

Cranberry GrowingCranberry growing is often quite lucrative for farmers thanks to the fruits’ tenacity. Cranberry vines can withstand both low temperatures as well as acidic soils, which makes it a good option for the Wisconsin landscape. They are also quite valued by the food industry. More than 1,000 different types of foods and drinks contain cranberry as an ingredient, and approximately 20% of all cranberries grown throughout the year are eaten over the holidays.  

Nutritional Value

Cranberries are also packed with essential nutrients. Vitamin C offers an immunity boost, while vitamin E improves your body’s clotting ability. Cranberries also contain phytonutrients, which some research suggests help combat cancer, heart disease, inflammation, and bacterial illness. Fiber is another great component of cranberries, which helps ensure the digestive tract remains healthy. 

Cranberries are not only good for you, they also taste delicious, which is why Federation Cooperative in Black River Falls, WI, offers their support to those involved in the cranberry growing trade. Since its origin in 1929, this company has also provided support to many other local enterprises, including bulk diesel fuel, grain, fertilizer, and retails stores that offer convenience and affordable prices. If you’re interested in becoming a member, call (715) 284-5354, or access an application online to get the process started.