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3 Reasons You Should Consider Trading in Your Old Apple® Computer August 31, 2018

Bend, Deschutes
3 Reasons You Should Consider Trading in Your Old Apple® Computer, Bend, Oregon

Technology moves quickly, and even after a few years, the newest Apple® computer is light years faster and more powerful than its predecessors. Instead of filling a drawer with your old machine or tossing it in the trash, however, you can still earn some money for it. Many computer stores that sell used MacBook® laptops will give you some cash to take it off of your hands. Here are three reasons why it’s worth considering. 

Why You Should Trade in Your Old Apple® Computer  

1. Help the Environment

When you throw out a laptop, it will eventually wind up in a landfill. As time passes and the unit begins to break down, a variety of toxins like cadmium and mercury will start oozing into the ground. Eventually, these problematic substances circulate through the ecosystem, bringing poisonous elements to wildlife. By keeping your Apple computer in circulation, you also keep it out of the landfill. 

2. Reduce Clutter

Apple computerKeeping products you no longer use is a major way houses become cluttered. In that environment, it becomes more difficult to find something you actually need; cords get confused for one another, and it can even be a negative tax on your overall well-being. Many studies show that having a cleaner and more organized home environment can help with focus and peace of mind

3. Save Money on Your Upgrade

Since you’re thinking about moving on from your old Apple computer, it’s likely you already have your eye on a new one. As technology continues to improve, newer models come with extended battery life, a superior graphics card, more storage space, and a multitude of other benefits. By trading in your old laptop, you’ll be able to get a nice discount on the new one. 


When you’re looking around for where you can trade in your aging MacBook, it’s wise to work with a trusted Apple computer specialist. As an established resource for everything from iPhone® repair to used MacBook laptops, Experimac Bend in Oregon will always give you fair value for your product. You can schedule an appointment with the courteous team by calling (541) 797-6863, or visit their website to learn more about their store. 

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