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3 Indicators Your Property Needs Septic Repair  September 3, 2018

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3 Indicators Your Property Needs Septic Repair , Bristol, Ohio

It’s important for responsible homeowners to know about all aspects of their property, including oft-forgotten features like the septic system. The sooner you’re able to recognize the need for a septic repair, the better chance you’ll have of limiting any damage that has occurred. The following guide identifies the warning signs that your tank or drain field needs immediate attention.

How to Tell When It’s Time for Septic Repair

1. Your Toilets & Drains Are Consistently Backed-Up

septic repairIf a single toilet is clogged, the problem can likely be fixed with a basic plunger. Similarly, if one of your drains is low, check for hair or use a plumber’s snake. But if you notice clogs throughout the household, it usually means that your septic tank is under stress. You’ll need septic tank pumping and a repair to get the system back on track. 

2. The Yard Smells of Sewage

When the sludge layer gets too high, it starts to spill into the drain field. But the soil there is only able to accommodate liquid waste, so if you smell a rank odor wafting in from that area, you should immediately call in the septic repair experts. They’ll need to clear the tank of waste before treating the soil.

3. The Drain Field Features Strange Growths

In other cases, the smell isn’t as obvious, but the visual signs are more numerous. Make a point to occasionally take a stroll past your drain field—if you see any substantial new growths, the tank is leaking materials into the soil. This new vegetation is often unusually bright and green. 


When your septic system is malfunctioning, it’s crucial to have an elite septic repair specialist like King's Sanitary Service on your side. Located in Bristolville, OH, the licensed and insured team will not only restore the system back to its correct equilibrium, but they’ll also explain to you how to prevent similar issues in the future. Feel free to request a quote by calling (330) 889-0034 or learn more information about the business by visiting their website

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