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What Are the Benefits of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs? August 24, 2018

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What Are the Benefits of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs?, Ogden, New York

Although prescription medication can improve health and save lives, they are more abused than any other substance. To counter this dangerous trend, health care providers across the country have begun using prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP). Put simply, PDMPs are statewide electronic databases that allow prescribers to monitor a patient’s use of certain controlled substances and take action if signs of abuse are present. If you’re curious about the effectiveness of this united effort to prevent addiction, here are three important benefits of PDMPs that you should know.

3 Advantages of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

1. Supports Access to Beneficial Medications

health carePDMPs are designed to track scheduled controlled substances, such as pain relievers, stimulants, testosterone, and sedatives. Although these medications can be misused, they can successfully treat serious problems—including chronic pain and mental health conditions—under the supervision of a health care provider. Rather than getting rid of these potentially beneficial drugs altogether, PDMPs offer an alternative that allows patients to get access to controlled substances when they need them—with a minimized risk for addiction.  

2. Prevents Abuse

PDMPs reveal if a patient is attempting to get multiple or excessive prescriptions for a controlled substance. This capability allows doctors and pharmacists to recognize addictive behaviors and intervene by referring the individual to a treatment center. Admissions into substance abuse programs have declined, suggesting that PDMPs help reduce the risk of chemical dependency. 

3. Monitors Trends

By updating data in real time, PDMPs don’t just help health care providers catch substance abuse risk early on, but they also improve reporting on state and national drug trends. Presenting information in a simple and easy-to-understand format, these programs can help organizations determine which medications are showing the highest risks and where further action might need to be taken.


Prescription drug monitoring programs are just one of many ways that Americans are working to address the substance abuse crisis. To further support this mission, Rochester Regional Health Laboratories offers comprehensive drug testing services to individuals, employers, and other organizations. Through their caring and simple approach to drug testing, their team helps people recognize addiction problems, so they can get the treatment they need. For more information on their services in Rochester, NY, visit their website or call (800) 525-5227 today.

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