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How to Plan a Boating Day With Senior Citizens August 24, 2018

Vermilion, Erie
How to Plan a Boating Day With Senior Citizens, Vermilion, Ohio

A day out on the water can be great fun for people of all ages, but boating with seniors can present some unique challenges. How can you make certain you’re fully prepared? If you’re planning to take grandparents or senior citizens out for the day, you’ll need to have the necessary boat supplies and equipment to make the day safe and special for all.

Why Seniors May Enjoy Boating With You

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As anyone who loves the water can tell you, being on a boat can be one of their great joys in life. Too often, though, seniors end up left at home because they don’t have the stamina for or interest in a long day on the water.

Boating with elders can be a great way to connect with them. With a little accommodation and the right boat supplies, taking a boat trip with seniors can be highly beneficial to them. Aside from valuable time spent with family and friends and the opportunity to socialize, the waterfront views and breezes are often refreshing.

Special Safety Concerns For Seniors

Drive more slowly with senior citizens than you might with a boatful of adults. Seniors are often less steady than their younger counterparts and may also bruise more easily. Be extra cautious when turning, accelerating, and braking so there is less risk of falls.

Make sure you’re fully stocked with all the necessary boat supplies from your favorite marine supply store before you leave for the day, including life jackets, and drinking water. As we age, our skin thins and becomes more susceptible to sunburn, so keep plenty of sunscreen in your boat supplies, and apply it 30 minutes before going outside for best results. Ensure seniors have hats, sunglasses, and light windbreakers to protect their faces, heads, and arms from sun and wind.  

Finally, instead of taking the boat out all day, plan a shorter trip when you have seniors on board. Spend 20 minutes or so out on the water, and consider refueling everyone’s energy on solid ground with a picnic. 


Harbortown Marine has been a trusted, locally-owned marine supply store in Vermilion, OH, for more than 25 years, and they want to be your first choice for local boat repair. They also carry a wide selection of water toys and towables. Call (440) 967-8072 for boating equipment and advice. You can also visit them online for helpful hints on everything from boat supplies to how to improve your boat’s fuel economy. 

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