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3 Tips for Lowering Your Auto Insurance Premium October 3, 2018

Archdale, Randolph
3 Tips for Lowering Your Auto Insurance Premium, Archdale, North Carolina

Every driver needs auto insurance for protection while they’re on the road. However, premiums can often be expensive, which leaves many people looking for ways to lower costs. Phillip Kent Beck Agency helps motorists in the High Point, NC, area access the insurance products they need at prices they can afford. Here, they offer a few helpful steps for lowering your monthly premiums.

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Costs

1. Avoid Accidents

While traffic accidents are often unpredictable, being a proactive driver can minimize your risk. Not only will obeying posted speed limits and signage keep you safe behind the wheel, but these steps can also save you money. Additionally, avoid potentially hazardous behaviors, such as distracted driving and speeding. Being a responsible driver allows you to improve your record and keep insurance costs low.

2. Buy Multiple Policies From the Same Company

auto insurance High Point NCYou can also bundle your separate insurance policies to receive discounts. For instance, purchasing homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance from the same agency can help you qualify for valuable discounts each month. Speak with your agent to find out which products and packages will help you maximize savings and coverage.

3. Take a Safe Driving Course

No matter how long you’ve been driving, a safe driving course can help make you a more responsible motorist. Insurers often reward people who take safety seriously by offering discounts for successful course completion and a track record of positive behavior. Driving courses cover the basic rules of the road and tips for defensive driving that will protect you from hazards like weather, construction, and other vehicles.

When you need a reliable expert who can guide you to the right policy, Phillip Kent Beck Agency is ready to help. These agents are committed to matching clients with the most affordable auto insurance products available. They’ll also go over your specific risks to help you choose supplemental coverage for increased protection. Take advantage of their expertise by calling (336) 434-2111 today. You can also like the agency on Facebook for additional updates.

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