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Auto Parts Experts Explain How to Deal With a Stuck Window September 6, 2018

Carthage, Cincinnati
Auto Parts Experts Explain How to Deal With a Stuck Window, Cincinnati, Ohio

Because of electric power windows, it’s never been easier to crack your window open to catch the breeze while driving down the road. But for some drivers, that experience is prolonged when a stuck window refuses to close. As the auto parts experts at Smyth Automotive, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH explain, there are several possible solutions to this issue.

Problems With All Windows

If all of your windows stop working at the same time, you should first double check to make sure you haven’t accidentally turned on the child safety lock! If this isn’t the case, the problem likely lies with one of the electrical fuses or relays that powers your system. Adjusting or replacing these parts will usually be enough to fix the problem. However, some newer cars use a specialized computer module to monitor the window’s movement. A power loss or disconnection to this module will likely require a dealer repair.

One-Window Issues

auto partsIt is common for a window’s switch or electric motor to gradually burn out over time. You can usually tell in advance when you’ll need to replace these auto parts, as the window will occasionally not move or go up more slowly than usual before it dies completely.

If the window goes up at normal speed but seems to hesitate or get caught in certain locations when opening or closing, you likely need to lubricate the window guides. This quick fix requires little more than spraying silicone lubricant on the affected area and testing the window until it opens and closes smoothly again.

Whether you need a replacement window motor or new car batteries, you’ll find what you need at Smyth Automotive. In business since 1963, this family-owned and operated shop has a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket auto parts to help you perform effective repairs and maintenance. For more tips and tricks, tune into Smyth Automotive’s podcasts for all devices. Follow Smyth Automotive on Facebook and Twitter as well for more posts and information!

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