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Glass or Acrylic: Which Is Right for Your Custom Picture Frames? August 24, 2018

Branson, Taney
Glass or Acrylic: Which Is Right for Your Custom Picture Frames?, Branson, Missouri

Whether you’ve just acquired new artwork or developed photos of loved ones, you need custom picture frames to mount them properly in your space. Thoughtfully chosen picture framing will complement the image it frames, helping it blend with the rest of your interior décor and protecting it from dust and aging. Two of the most common materials used in frames are glass and acrylic, each of which has its pros and cons. If you aren’t familiar with either, here’s a brief guide on how to select what’s right for your situation:

Custom Picture Frame Materials Explained

Glass Framing

custom picture framesFraming professionals tend to recommend glass over other materials, as it is durable, doesn’t scratch as easily as acrylic, and tends to be affordable. Glass is also easier to clean, as it only requires conventional glass cleaner. Generally, glass is ideal for small pictures. Its main drawback is that it can shatter in the event of a fall or high impact, which can harm people and pets.

Acrylic Framing

There are some situations in which acrylic is a more suitable framing material than glass. Since it’s shatter-resistant, acrylic may be ideal in nurseries, classrooms, retirement homes, and other places where safety is imperative. Another benefit of acrylic is that it can be easily treated with glare-resistant formulas, which can protect pictures from fading due to UV exposure. If you do choose acrylic, bear in mind that it scratches more easily than glass and may bow or warp over time.


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