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When Should You Replace Your Countertops? August 23, 2018

When Should You Replace Your Countertops?, ,

Summer is an ideal time to tackle home improvement projects. If you’re trying to determine the best project to undertake before the season’s over, consider replacing your countertops. This simple fix can make a significant difference in the appearance and value of your home. The kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts at Valley Design Center in New York, NY, are here to explain when it’s time to make updates.

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Countertops

1. Cracks

Stone countertops typically don’t crack, but materials like laminate and wood may. Cracks and erosion may indicate poor-quality materials or age and wear. In some cases, it may be so severe that you can see the material beneath the surface, at which point they need to be replaced. Cracks are eyesores as well as hazards. Food debris and bacteria may get stuck inside and cause a sanitation issue, and sharp corners can be dangerous to small children.

2. Permanent Stains or Burns

countertopsKitchens and bathrooms are messy places, and stains and burns will occasionally happen. Fortunately, some stains can be removed with cleanser and elbow grease, but others are permanent. Permanent stains can bring down the look and value of your countertops and make the room appear dirty. Replacement may be necessary to restore your counters.

3. Selling Your Home

When you’re planning to sell your home, the kitchen and bathrooms should be your priorities regarding home improvement projects. These areas will offer a significant return on your investment as their primary selling points for buyers. Dingy or damaged countertops can turn off prospective buyers. If you haven’t addressed surface issues like these, they may worry you’ve also left more significant problems unattended. Replacing the surfaces will boost your home’s appeal and value.

4. Outdated Countertops

Some styles, like granite and marble countertops, are timeless. But others — such as the trademark 90s green laminate — are dated. Trends change, and if your home appears outdated, it may lessen its curb appeal and value. Replace your dated countertops with a timeless style that reflects your aesthetic and suits your needs.

If you’re interested in countertop replacement or other kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects, turn to New York’s home improvement experts at Valley Design Center. For over 20 years, they’ve been one of Manhattan’s premiere sources for everything from flooring to appliances. Call (212) 832-4200 to speak with a friendly staff member or visit their website to browse their online store.

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