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4 Basic Gymnastic Events for Women August 23, 2018

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4 Basic Gymnastic Events for Women, Penfield, New York

When enrolling in gymnastics classes, you might not realize there are various types available. Artistic, rhythmic, and acrobatic are the three main fields. Most people are familiar with artistic gymnastics, which are often televised during major competitions. When it comes to artistic gymnastics, women typically only train and participate in a handful of basic events.

Popular Women’s Gymnastic Events

1. Uneven Bars

gymnasticsThis event features a low bar set approximately five feet from the ground and six feet away from a high bar, which is approximately eight feet tall. Gymnasts are trained to flow seamlessly between the bars, using built-up strength.

2. Balance Beam

Female gymnasts learn to execute many difficult maneuvers using a balance beam that is approximately four feet high and four inches wide during this event. Most balance beam routines feature movements similar to floor routines, which requires a great deal of skill and versatility.

3. Vault

This event is synonymous with female gymnastics and features competitors using a springboard to reach the vault table where they use their strength to push off and perform aerial maneuvers. Sticking a landing in this event requires excellent form and balance. Gymnasts commonly perform twists and saltos before sticking their landings.

4. Floor Exercises

These gymnastics routines are choreographed to music and blend dance, tumbling, and gymnastics for an entertaining display of strength. Participants use a floor mat, where they maneuver their bodies along to the music. These performances feature such moves as flips, somersaults, tucks, handstands, and handsprings.


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