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3 Reasons to Arrange Septic Tank Inspection Before Buying a Home September 10, 2018

Powers, Cass
3 Reasons to Arrange Septic Tank Inspection Before Buying a Home, Powers, Minnesota

Once you find a home that you’re interested in purchasing, you’ll need to arrange an inspection. One area that’s often overlooked is the property’s septic tank. The unit plays a vital role in basic household activities, and if it’s not in good shape, it can have a severe impact on your lifestyle and finances. Here’s what you should know about the importance of scheduling an inspection before you buy the home.

3 Reasons Septic Tank Inspections Are Vital To Prospective Homeowners

1. History

septic tankIn ideal conditions, the septic system is inspected at least once every three years. This gives technicians a chance to investigate the condition of the septic tank and pump it to minimize the possibility of problems such as backups. An inspection can provide great insight into the tank’s condition. Homeowners will often keep written records of septic maintenance, too. In some cases, a tank in poor condition can be the deciding factor for prospective homebuyers to back out of a contract.

2. Problems

The main reason to inspect the tank before buying the home is to identify problems. During the inspection, they’ll check the amount of sludge, ensure that the tank is appropriately sized for the home, and investigate the drain field for signs of system failure. The potential problems are costly and often time-consuming to repair and can slow the home buying process significantly. 

3. Honesty

It’s always important to protect yourself when you’re in the process of buying a home. Although you expect honesty across the board, some signs might indicate that there could be a problem with the septic system. If the homeowner isn’t around when the tank is inspected, for example, it may arouse suspicions about the system’s condition. If they can’t provide a history or recall the last time it was inspected, that might be a red flag. An inspector will ensure that you’re making a worthwhile purchase.


Offering reliable septic tank inspections in Backus, MN, the experts at Northland Septic Maintenance will make sure that the entire system is in great condition before you move into your new home. The company has earned a reputation as the most reliable provider of septic repairs and sewer line cleaning in the area. Once you’re settled into your new home, they can handle ongoing septic maintenance to insure that it continues to work properly. Visit the company’s website for more information, or call them at (888) 454-4999 to learn more.

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